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Brunel Russia 


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Brunel provides business services specialising in flexible deployment of professionals in the field of Engineering, IT, Legal, Finance and all disciplines in the Oil & Gas industry. Our objective is to provide both our Clients and our Consultants excellence in all aspects of our service from resource planning through to the full life cycle of the assignment. Our Recruitment and Operations staff are experts in their fields with access to the best available network systems and are managed by experienced professionals. The added knowledge of, and proven ability in, international logistics and local laws and regulations enables us to provide an efficient, cost effective and fully compliant service.

Since our incorporation in 1975, we have developed into an international group with over 10,000 employees and an annual turnover over € 900 million (2011). We operate from our own international network of more than 92 branch offices in 34 countries.

Brunel’s operational excellence is the product of over 35 years of successful business conducted throughout the world. This wealth of experience provides our Clients and Consultants with the confidence that their resourcing and employment requirements will be managed with the highest level of professionalism. This high level of service is the foundation of Brunel’s excellent reputation which in turn gives us access to the best of both Clients and Consultants.



Two complimentary perspectives


Brunel serves the world market for professional staffing and recruitment services from two main perspectives. One focus is on specific supra-regional business areas, such as the worldwide oil and gas industries, and the international automotive, rail, aerospace, telecoms and pharmaceutical sectors. The other is a focus on specific countries, including the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and Canada.


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